About LoaFis

 We started with a simple goal - to create a good social enterprise. Our passion for that mission is what fuels our inventions and has helped us bring our vision and products to life.


we invented a new kind of ergonomic nail clippers. In 2018 “ComfoHandling” as Trademark is granted U.S. utility & design patent, this personal care product is invented to help people with impaired motor skills or limited physical abilities cut their finger and toenails with greater ease. And another invention catchbuddy catches all nail clippings perfectly.

Comfo-Handling nail clippers are designed to suit everyone, no matter their dexterity or age. The Unique ComfoHandling grip ring makes fingernail and toenail clippers easier to hold and control than conventional nail clippers - delivering a confident and effortless, clip every time.


Our company name, LoaFis, was inspired by Mark 6; 30-44 and the miracle that transformed five Loaves and two Fishes into food for five thousand people. 

As this miracle, we will try to invent life-friendly 7 products that will be the source of the College Funds for American Veterans Family who needs.

Our motto is: “Enjoy the invention; Enjoy the donation.” That reflects the fact that we will donate 50 percent of the net profits from the sale of ComfoHandling nail clippers to DAV(Disabled American Veterans) &

VFW( American Veterans Of Foreign War) Family College Funds.



Please share our story with your friends and neighbors and help us get the word out.

The more people we can reach, the more people we can help!

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Utility Patent | US 9750324

Design | US D811011


Patent Pending

Nail Clipping Holding Device



LoaFis Social Enterprise

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