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ComfoHandling Ergonomic Nail Clippers

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Purchase for only $9.90

For every sale, we will donate 50% of our net profit to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and Veterans of Foreign War (VFW).


ComfoHandling Ergonomic Nail Clippers


- Clippings Never Fly Out  

   Smart CatchBuddy Catches and Holds Nail Clippings Perfectly.  

   Just Tilt Comfo-Handling Nail Clipper in Any Side to Dispose of Nail Clippings.


- Never Slip Grip

  360 Degree Rotating Double Ring Holds Thumb Securely to Trim Fingernails &     Toenails In Any Directions, In Many Positions.

- Five Different Fashionable Colors
- Nail file & Nail Cleaner included

- Feel Comfortable Task in Lifetime


ComfoHandling Nail Clippers is a pair of ergonomic nail clippers making it much easier to clip finger- and toenails. The clippers feature a ‘never slip’ style grip and a rotating double ring to hold the thumb securely in any direction. A ‘CatchBuddy’ built between the blades catches and holds all nail clippings while cutting nails.

Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides users with modified nail clippers specifically designed for making it much easier and more convenient to clip fingernails and toenails.


  • Includes a 360-degree rotating double-ring used to hold the thumb securely and allow the clippers to be used in any direction.


  • Utilizes a ‘never slip’ grip to maximize security when holding and using the clippers.


  • Prevents clipped nails from flying out from the cutting blades, utilizing a ‘CatchBuddy’ to catch all clippings for disposal.

Problems Solved

Clipping fingernails and toenails can be a time-consuming process. People with limited physical dexterity may be unable to use standard nail clippers and require assistance for completing a simple grooming task. Most clippers are difficult to put at different angles to cut nails. Nail clippings scattering onto the ground while cutting nails can be annoying and require a cleanup session.

Detailed Description & Features

ComfoHandling Nail Clipper is an improved nail clipper for effectively trimming finger and toenails. The device is comprised of a pair of clippers with a 360-degree rotating double-ring thumb grip, a ‘never slip’ gripping surface and a ‘catch buddy’ for preventing clippings from flying away from the clippers.

The double ring ensures the clippers can be used at any angle to cut nails. Users can place their thumb and fingers on the clippers to trim their nails. The ‘CatchBuddy’ ensures all nails are collected conveniently for disposal. The device is intended to make it much easier to clip nails, for users of all ages and physical dexterities.



Best Price & Good Quality In The Market

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