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New Britain Herald Dec. 5. 2018 Wednesday News Articles

“ComfoHandling” Nail Clipper


NEW BRITAIN - A New Britain man has invented a new kind of nail clipper that prevents fingers from slipping off from the clipper and nail pieces from flying away.

In 2015, Simon Yun started making ComfortHandling nail clippers after noticing that normal clippers could be slippery and messy.

Yun also noticed that regular nail clippers are difficult to use, particularly by older people. He designed a clipper with a double ring that holds the fingers that are being used to cut nails in place.

Last month, Yun started to sell his product through his company, LoaFis Social Enterprise, and through Amazon. Each nail clipper costs $9.90 and, with the purchase, customers can choose an additional item from a variety of products.

The ComfortHandling clipper is designed to help people with impaired motor skills or limited physical abilities, including people with arthritis, to cut their fingernails and toenails more easily. And also designed to suit everyone, no matter their dexterity or age.

These clippers are sold to help the Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign War.

Yun, originally from Korea, came to the United States 25 years ago and donates 50 percent of the nail clippers’ net profits to those veterans’ organizations as his way of saying thank you to his adopted homeland for its efforts in the Korean War.

Yun shared a social media Thanksgiving message thanking veterans for their service.

“Many thanks to America and the opportunities this country has offered my family to flourish,” Yun wrote. “Special Thanksgiving to all of the American Korean War Veterans whose tremendous devotion and sacrifice saved my native country Korea and allowed freedom to reign in our land. In this spirit of Thanksgiving we wish to honor America’s veterans through the donations of LoaFis.”

Yun said that while many people like his product, marketing it has been difficult. He said that he promotes it on Instagram and Facebook and goes to places such as the Newington Flea Market to talk to people about the nail clippers.

Yun is in the process of preparing legal documents so he can try to get his clippers sold at Walmart and Target.

He also wants to bring the product to the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” for additional exposure.

LoaFis’ motto is “Enjoy the invention, enjoy the donation.”

To learn more about the new nail clipper, visit to

Karla Santos can be reached at 860-801-5079 or

We have another new invention issued US Utility Patent to develop in the future.
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